Static IP addresses for Dial-up

marthag at MIT.EDU marthag at MIT.EDU
Tue Jan 30 18:32:02 UTC 1996

> At 09:36 PM 1/29/96 +1100, Robert Elz wrote:
> >
> >That sounds like a perfect place for a dynamic address, however,
> >if he had that, it would make life harder for me.   With his
> >static address I can instal filters to give him more access to
> >my system at home (which is basically permanently connected, and
> >not a PC) than I allow all the rest of you.   (For Tony's
> >benefit - no, this is not relying on source address filtering,
> >I actually filter the packets that my system sends out, I will
> >let it send packets to him that I won't let it send elsewhere,
> >which has basically the same effect).
> >
> I can certainly understand the need for access control & security, but
> with the use of a smart-card one-time password system, this is a moot
> point. 
> - paul

You are ignoring the risks of the session being stolen after the
password is given.  Outbound filters will help this, strong end-to-end
encryption will prevent it.  

Martha Greenberg
marthag at

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