Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

Robert A. Rosenberg hal9001 at panix.com
Tue Jan 30 06:50:19 UTC 1996

At 6:09 1/29/96, Alex.Bligh wrote:

> Currently I have 2 choices as
>far as I can make out, give them a bit of my /19, break up my
>nice aggregate and ensure loads of extra announcements (and that
>probably none of them get routed by anyone applying prefix based
>filtering), or give them a new /19 all of their own (you've
>said it, that's the minimum size allocation) which actually
>solves their problem and mine, but this isn't an option
>currently available because currently it's one window per local-IR.
>So they have to go and become a local IR.

If the high /21 of your /19 is not Allocated, you just assign it to them
and add ONE announcement of the /21 to supersede with the current /19. If
it is not free but is sparsely populated you can move the stuff out to free
it up or go to RIPE to get your /19 turned into an /18 (ie: get the /19
right after your current /19 [RIPE did give you the first /19 in a shorter
prefix block didn't they?]) in exchange for returning the /21 worth of
space [giving you 3 extra /21s worth of space], and divide that 2nd /19
into a /20, and 2 /21s giving them the 2nd /21 (still doing the same 2
announcements as you would if allocated out of your current /19).

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