Kudos to Sprint

Kent W. England kwe at 6SigmaNets.com
Mon Jan 29 20:18:35 UTC 1996


It's nice to hear someone recognize Sprint's early understanding of how to
approach the commercial Internet market with a two-pronged high/low
strategy. Too bad the one who figured it out is no longer associated with


At 01:03 AM 1/29/96 -0500, Dick St.Peters wrote:
>Were it not for Sprint, I wouldn't exist.
> ...
>Thanks in part to Sprint, that side business has grown into a network
>of four POPs bringing the Internet to NY State's Adirondack region.
>There's no fortune to be made here, but there's a living in it.  It's
>what I wanted to do, and I couldn't have done it without Sprint.
>Sean Doran's recent posting about how the Sprints aren't out to squash
>us little guys but in fact are dependent on us was remarkably like the
>way I used to explain Sprint's position during the CIX filtering war
>in summer of '94.  In fact, I think he stole those ideas from me :)
>Sprint is big, and they're busy, and it can be damnably hard to get
>their attention (hence my posting), but I'm here because they helped
>me when I needed help and backed me politically and operationally when
>I needed backing.  Out here in the woods, things like that still
> ...

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