Static IP addresses for Dial-up

Paul Ferguson pferguso at
Mon Jan 29 17:48:00 UTC 1996

At 02:19 AM 1/30/96 +1100, Robert Elz wrote:

>You're expecting me to obtain one of those things for my system
>at home?   And assuming that password type capable access
>protection is the only kind of protection I care about.

Well, not exactly. I was thinking along the lines of something a little
larger than 'home' access.  :-)

>Lets be a little reasonable please - access filters aren't
>dead yet (I would like to see them vanish, and I would hope that
>one day that might happen, today isn't that day).
>I will believe this has happened when cisco no longer support
>packet filtering in their routers.

My point was that filtering on source addresses is not exactly the
most secure method of access control.

- paul

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