Static IP addresses for Dial-up

Brian Carpenter CERN-CN brian at
Mon Jan 29 10:15:32 UTC 1996


>--------- Text sent by Peter Dawe follows:
> Demon Internet Services provide an  IP address for every dial-up 
> customer. Most other ISPs have taken the view that this is a waste of 
> valuable IP space and allocate IP addresses dynamically.
> How should our industry respond to ISPs who behave selfishly and do 
> not take into account the good of the network?
> Peter Dawe
> Unipalm PIPEX 

1. Speaking as IAB chair, I must state that the IAB has absolutely
no role to play in answering your question. Operational/commercial
issues are outside our mandate, whatever we might feel.

2. However, even without an IAB discussion, I can tell you that
we are in favour of technology that conserves address space and
facilitates renumbering.

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