Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Sun Jan 28 21:43:02 UTC 1996

>What's been bothering me is that Sprint is filtering at /19 in 206/8
>but just allocated me a /21 out of 206/8.  Since my largest customer
>is leaning on me to multi-home, and since I view Sprint's filtering as
>indicative of what others are likely to do RSN, I begged Sprint to
>allocate a block the size of the smallest block they would route if I
>had gotten it from another NSP.
>Is it unfair to ask Sprint to make allocations based on its own
>filtering policies?
>When I multihome and Pennsauken is down, will Sprint's filtering cut
>me off from access to other Sprint customers via my alternative path?

Ah, a reason why Sprint's filters are self-defeating.  You would
be better off leaving sprint now, and going to a different provider.  Use
a /21 out of another provider's CIDR block.  If at a later date you decide
to multi-home with sprint, sprint's filters only effect small inbound blocks.
Sprint is more than happy to spew little blocks (so much for 'saving the
global Internet').

I've hear of a lot of crazy ideas from other NSP's, but not a peep of
any other NSP following Sprint's lead on filtering.  But suppose other
NSP's did decide to start filtering in the future, that's another reason
to get your own CIDR blocks from the InterNIC ASAP.  If you hadn't waited
this long, you could have gotten a block in 192/8 - 205/8, and wouldn't
have to worry about Sprint's filtering in 206/8.

Yes, it is perverse that the people most harmed are those that patiently
follow the 'rules.'  It is unfortunate that the IANA and NIC policies
seem to be creating a system that encourages people to jump to the front
of the line.  But folks, there seems to be nothing to gain, and a lot to
lose by being a good net citizen.  You don't get any brownie points for
being a nice guy.  You just get ignored.
Sean Donelan, Data Research Associates, Inc, St. Louis, MO
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