Creative routing (was Re: Policy Statement ...)

Alan Hannan alan at
Sun Jan 28 03:28:27 UTC 1996

.........  Sean Donelan is rumored to have said:
] >Well, there's an alternate tactic for a tiny tiny company.
] I was thinking of a slightly simplier example.  Nevertheless,
] Mr. Doran's example confirms NSP engineers are capable of all
] sorts of routing hacks when it is in their self-interest to do so.

  Exactly.  So let's forget there ever was such a thing as A/B/C
  networks and enforce classlessness.  Couple this w/ responsibility
  originating from the big NSP players on enforcing prefix lengths,
  and *whoah* look what the world can figure out to do.

  "Golly, thar Martha, once them folks up in Reston said I had to
  renumber, well shucks, it warnt quite as hard as I thunk."


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