The World Responds to a Non Announcement

Sean Doran smd at
Sat Jan 27 02:31:59 UTC 1996

Alan says:

|   Tell your upstream that outages based on routing table issues are not 
|   acceptable.  If they don't get their act together, please pull out your
|   service contract...  You'll find a clause in your contract for 'unacceptable 
|   service'.  Exercise it.
|   We've got one in each of our contracts, as do our downstreams.  We're
|   this close to exercising one of these options on our upstream, and it's
|   rather ironic that they've voices who most agree w/ me, although they
|   blame all their problems on the other bad people who don't aggregate.
|   More /19 business, Sean, only go deeper.  Make the lazy hurt.

Wow, real, live, honest-to-goodness customer feedback.

Noted and circulated.


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