Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

Vadim Antonov avg at sprint.net
Sat Jan 27 02:52:27 UTC 1996

>Then, some of you will ask how to enforce this.  Once every so often, you 
>dump the BGP routing tables from strategic routers.  If you see any 
>non-matching prefixes, you send an email to the network coordinator for 
>the allocated block giving them a set amount of time to clean it up.  Any 
>routes which are not cleaned up by the deadline are added to a filter 
>list which could be carried on routers.  

Sorry, *who* gets to play the net politzai?  Registries have no control
over service providers, and service providers have insufficient
human resources to do that (and most won't do that anyway).

Note that updating exterior policy filters by a large ISP involves
carefully planned and timed update on some dozen-odd routers, so it is
not done often, and certainly won't be done just to punish some clueless

We'll be back shortly after the expected RA advertisement break...

Not speaking for Sprint.

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