Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

Yakov Rekhter yakov at cisco.com
Fri Jan 26 18:35:05 UTC 1996


>   > Would the RIPE NCC provide such non-aggregatable allocations
>   > irrespective of how many hosts would be covered by such an
>   > allocation ?
> Sorry, lack of clarity because of failing neurons.  
> What I meant to say was "1024 CIDRable allocations".  
> Or simply "allocations". 
> The point is that we will guarantee that our allocation policy will
> create no more than 1024 allocations per /8 and therefore not
> necessitate by itself more routes than that.  Currently our allocation
> sizes are /19 - /16.  If you think about it a little you will see that
> it is easy to achieve.
> And just in case: Yes the minimum allocation is /19 irrespective 
> of the number of hosts covered. Note: allocation != assignment.

OK, so just to make it clear, if a customer would come to the RIPE NCC
and the customer has just 1 host you would still allocated him /19 block.
Correct ?


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