Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

Ronald Khoo ronald at office.demon.net
Fri Jan 26 14:20:01 UTC 1996

You're trying to achieve a perfect policy that will work for all time
when what we need is something to eke out IPv4 for the rest of its
natural life.  By the time enough of your postulated ISPs have grown big
enough AND THEN shrunk enough for this to matter in any practical sense,
IPv4 will have become mostly static, and all of us here will have retired
from active Internet Politics.  I hope.

On Jan 26, 12:59pm, Daniel Karrenberg wrote:
} Subject: Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations
}   > Ronald Khoo <ronald at office.demon.net> writes:
}   > Here's a suggestion for one simple rule.  "Where delegating address space
}   > to a provider registry, a) never delegate a block smaller than any
}   > existing PA block already delegated, and b) once 3 such blocks are
}   > delegated, always delegate a block at least 4 times bigger".
} While sounding fine in general, this assumes ever increasing growth 
} of ISPs. An assumption easily proven invalid by counterexample.
} Daniel
}-- End of excerpt from Daniel Karrenberg

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