value of co-location

Sean Doran smd at
Mon Jan 22 14:25:42 UTC 1996

| the goal is to come up with a router the size of a 5ESS 
| with similar capacity                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
	greater				bigger than

Just as an aside, the number of switched minutes for
PDN/VPN dialup data traffic of all sorts (IP and non-IP,
Internet and private network) through one particularly
data-oriented IXC is widely expected to exceed the
total number of switched minutes for voice traffic
by the middle of summer, this year.

It would astonish me to learn that a number of other IXCs
and some LECs have not made strikingly similar predictions,
give or take some weeks or months.

| (and which is installable and maintainable by telco knuckledraggers)

You got that part right.


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