.com pollution

Alan M. Brown Alan at PeachNet.EDU
Sat Jan 20 00:49:45 UTC 1996

I found corruption in (my server) and killed/started BIND at
17:50 EST.  My other servers and were not
affected.  I saw trash like this via nslookup/dig:  "com     nameserver =
H.RÔT-SERVERS.NET".  I did not dump the db so I can't compare TTL, etc with
you.  A-I were also all corrupt.

Any idea how it started?

At 7:06 PM 1/19/96, Kobi wrote:
>...and, on our resolvers....
>com.    321028  NS      H.RÔT-SERVERS.NET.
>    320919  IN      NS      H.R\357^?T-SERVERS.NET. ;Cr=addtnl []
>[B., C., D., E., all corrupted from the same source]
>I have killed and restarted named on ours...

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