PacBell NAP and Co-location

Pushpendra Mohta pushp at CERF.NET
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Does the arrangement you mention still require that Pacific Bell
retain ownership of the equipment that is placed at the Pacific Bell
site ?

Is a draft online somewhere ?



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Warren K. Williams writes:
> Folks,
> I need to clarify something regarding colocation at Pacific Bell. There has
> been a great deal of confusion out in the community regarding Pacific Bell's
> position on Colocation. Let me set the record straight here. For those NAP
> customers who need to colocate equipment as part of their NAP connection
> through us ** can ** do so. We have made an arrangement that fits within
> company guidelines that will allow us to place a customer's router,
> CSU/DSU... within our facilities for connection to the NAP. The facilities
> we provide have the standard data center enviromments (i.e. air
> conditioning, raised floor, standard racks, and monitored power). They also
> allow access to customer technicians (or their agents) for configuration and
> repair needs.
> The question, however, is a bit moot given the way in which customers attach
> to an ATM NAP. ATM circuits are pulled to wherever the customer is (using
> the appropriate InterExchange Carrier to do interlata connections, of
> course). There is no need to co-locate equipment. No need for the additional
> capital invesment nor the introduction of an additional routing hop. If a
> customer has no locations in the bay area, it is simply a matter of setting
> up a "long-distance" connection. A couple of our customers are doing just
> that today.
> FYI.
> Kind regards,
> Warren
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