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Tim Bass (@NANOG-LIST) nanog at dune.silkroad.com
Tue Jan 16 20:04:05 UTC 1996

Owen kindly explains:

> The command below is the result of someone sending a similar subscribe
> command which subscribed the nanog list to itself, causing the welcome
> message to be sent to the entire list.  Majordomo apparently accepts
> lists of people to subscribe or treats everything after the mailing
> list name as part of the name subscribing.  Either way, the effect is
> the same.
> >     unsubscribe nanog capprove gators subscribe nanog russ at ism.net

Thanks you. Your first sentence is really cool, BTW.

What we might need is a really robust, easy to configure, solid, fast,
simple to administer new (maybe commercial) e-mailing list manager.
(nothing against B.C.'s perl hack majordomo, and the other listserver
written in C.)

My guess is,  whomever comes up the the next-generation list manager
utility will save us all a bunch of hassles and make every ISP's job 
just a 'little bit' easier.

BTW, that is one of the more amusing errors I see in a long time:

unsubscribe nanog capprove gatores subscribe nanog russ at ism.net ....

Makes me want to sponsor the "Majordomo Error of the Year Contest";
who knows what humorous babble we might provoke the major' to say.

Sorry for the divergence from the 'norm'.



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