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Ed DeHart ecd at cert.org
Thu Jan 11 20:52:50 UTC 1996


Enclosed is an announcement for a tutorial that the CERT Coordination
Center will be presenting at the Software Engineering Institute in Pittsburgh
four times this year.

A registration form is included after the announcement.

Ed DeHart

P.S.  If you plan to use a credit card, please do not e-mail your registration




First offering...
February 15 at the Software Engineering Institute
Pittsburgh, PA

Who should attend?

* practitioners (UNIX system and network administrators) who need to build
  and maintain trustworthy networked systems.

* UNIX system programmers

* practitioners who evaluate or initiate Internet connectivity 	 

This one-day seminar teaches practical strategies and techniques to combat the
threat of intrusions and improve the security of operating systems connected
to the Internet.  Participants typically have at least one thing in common:
the need, the desire, and the organizational mandate to provide trustworthy
network services.  They also typically share a lack of understanding of the
issues related to network security and do not know how to protect their
systems from the level of threat that exists on the Internet today.

The seminar will cover fundamental security practices for UNIX system
administration.  Participants will learn about the latest information
on security problems, defensive strategies, offensive strategies,
network security, and establishing appropriate site security policy.

After completing the seminar, participants will be able to establish and
maintain a secure Internet site that allows the benefits of connectivity to
the Internet while protecting the organization's data.  Participants will also
gain familiarity with tools that assist them in securing their systems.

Seminar topics include:

	* latest information on security problems
	* UNIX system security
	* network security
	* site security policies



SEI Events
Software Engineering Institute 
Carnegie Mellon University 
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890

FAX: 412 / 268-7401

Internet: registration at sei.cmu.edu


To inquire about registration, payment, or logistics, contact--

Phone: 412 / 268-7388

Internet: registration at sei.cmu.edu


To inquire about the course, contact-- 

Customer Relations

Phone: 412 / 268-5800

Internet: customer-relations at sei.cmu.edu


The SEI will only accept registrations that are accompanied by payment or an 
acceptable authorization form.  The SEI will refund cancellations received in 
writing up to three weeks before the course, minus a $100 administrative 
service charge or a 20% credit card transaction fee.  Less than three weeks
before the event, cancellations are subject to the entire registration fee, 
but you may apply the fee toward a future course.  If you do not cancel and 
do not attend, you are still responsible for payment.  Substitutions may be 
made at any time. After the early registration date, registrants must pay
an additional $50 to attend.

The SEI reserves the right to cancel courses that are insufficiently
subscribed. If it is necessary to cancel, the SEI will notify registrants
three weeks prior to the course and will refund registration fees.


Holiday Inn Select - University Center
A block of room has been reserved at the Holiday Inn Select - University
Center, 100 Lytton Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA  15213.  The hotel will hold these
room until three weeks prior to the course.  Arrangements must be made
directly with the hotel. 412 / 682-6200.

To receive the group rate or the government rate, please mention the course

1996 Group Rate: $94, Government: $78


The Airlines Transportation Company serves the hotel between 7:00 a.m. and
8:00 p.m. with departures every hour.  The stop is located outside the
USAir baggage claim area and the fare is $12.50 if the departure schedule
and your arrival time are incompatible, taxi service is available 24 hours
a day.  Taxi fare from the airport to the Holiday Inn is approximately $35.00.


Software Engineering Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  15213-3890

---Internet Security for System and Network Administrators Registration Form--- 

COURSE DATES (mark one)

Internet Security for System and Network Administrators (mark one)

_____February 15, 1996
     Deadline for Early Registration: January 25, 1996
     Add $50 to registrations sent after January 25, 1996

_____April 11, 1996
     Deadline for Early Registration: March 21, 1996
     Add $50 to registrations sent after March 21, 1996

_____July 11, 1996
     Deadline for Early Registration: June 20, 1996
     Add $50 to registrations sent after June 20, 1996

_____December 12, 1996
     Deadline for Early Registration: November 21, 1996
     Add $50 to registrations sent after November 21, 1996

_____Academic				       $  400
_____Government				       $  400
_____Industry				       $  500
_____International			       $1,000
_____After early registration deadline add     $   50

The registration fee includes course materials, continental breakfast, 
lunch and breaks.

____Agency Authorization Form (e.g., DD 1556)
____Purchase Order
____Check (payable to SEI/CMU)
____Mastercard			Expiration Date:
____Visa			Expiration Date:
____American Express		Expiration Date:
Credit Card Number:

 Last name:
 First name, middle initial:
 (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., other):
 First name as you would like it to appear on name tag:
 Street address:
 City, state, zip:
 Business phone:
 FAX number:
 Emergency number:
 Email address:
 Dietary/access requirements:
 Are you a U.S. citizen? yes/no:
 Identify country where citizenship is held if not the U.S.:
 How did you hear about the event?


Received    Entered    Check#    PO#    J/E#    Sub#    PL App    Amount 

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