208/8 announcements

Avi Freedman freedman at netaxs.com
Wed Jan 3 16:45:31 UTC 1996

> .........  Avi Freedman is rumored to have said:
> rob] Well, we're filtering them. :)
> rob] 	RobS
> rob] 
> rob] 
> alan] Is anyone filtering these routes?  From a customer perspective, I think
> alan] it would be nice if my providers would do so.
> alan]
> alan] Or maybe these guys would filter them:
> ] Ah, but what happens when the NIC starts allocating out of 208/8?
> ] Avi
>   Uhm, take the filters out?
>   -alan
>    Obviousness Engineer, level III

And so how many of your customers have unreachability problems for how long
before you realize that the NIC is allocating out of 208/8?

<Insert levity, I'm not trying to start flamage.>

And is the NIC going to allocate around the 208/8 terrorists?


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