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In light of the recent discussions about auctioning off domain names,
I found this to be very interesting -- personal solicitations to
-sell- domain names trademarked by other organizations.....

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The scum is beginning to seep out of the internet.  Check out the mail
someone left on our corporate web site today.  This is almost the
equivalent of someone opening his overcoat to you on a crowded city
street to sell you a wristwatch.

Hey buddy!  Wanna buy a domain name?!

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Incoming Feedback to Amazing

name = Brian Cimins
title = Manager
company = Cimins Corp.
email address = AgentWeb at aol.com
comments = NICE PAGE!!! I was wondering if you guys were interested in
obtaining some big names on the internet. Some examples are:

>>>http://www.capitolrecords.com<<<  GREAT FOR YOU GUYS!!!


If you are interested in obtaining any of these sites please send a bid
for what you are willing to pay for the transfer of these names over to
your names and over to your server.

Thank you for your time!!!
Brian Cimins

P.S. I have already sold such names as http://www.billclinton.com, 
http://www.powerrangers.com, and readersdigest.com, bdalton.com, and

These corporations will pay big bucks for these names!!!

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