looking for suggestions on a PD work ticketing system to give to ISPs

Bob Kupiec kupiec at jvnc.net
Wed Feb 21 20:02:37 UTC 1996

Jerry Scharf has written:
> In my CIX work I have identified the need to provide a public domain or
> otherwise freely redistributable work ticketing system. Since many of the
> people using this will be ISPs, I thought I would ask this group for any
> recommendations that people may have on this,
> I hope this message isn't to far afield of what the list is for.

One nice package I've come across is called Req.  Here is part of the
intro blurb:

           Req - An email-based request tracking system

Req is a tracking system based around this paradigm: people with problems
or questions send requests via email to a group responsible for dealing
with those issues.  Those requests are assigned numbers that can be
tracked and managed in various ways.   The group handling the requests
needs to have access to a UNIX computer or network. 

Req was designed for a systems administration group but could be applied
to other groups as well.
If you have any comments or questions, please send them to: 
  req at ccs.neu.edu

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