Certified ISP Engineer program announcement

Dave O'Leary doleary at cisco.com
Mon Feb 19 12:44:24 UTC 1996

If you send me $2500 and proof that you know what you are doing, and
you have at least 5 years experience as an ISP, then I'll send you
a nice certificate that says you are a certified ISP.  

Its cheaper than taking all those CNE classes!


Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1996 21:14:12 -0500 (EST)
>From: mike <mn at tremere.ios.com>
Subject: Re: ISP list
To: Ehud Gavron <GAVRON at ACES.COM>
cc: Bharat Ranjan <bharatr at microsoft.com>, nanog at merit.edu, GAVRON at ACES.COM

Well, how about then a CIE (certified ISP Engineer) ?

anybody volunteer for CIE #1?


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