Disbanding nsfnet-cert list on merit.edu

Larry J. Blunk ljb at merit.edu
Mon Feb 12 17:32:09 UTC 1996

  At this point, I will be removing the nsfnet-cert mail list exploder
on merit.edu (given that the NSFNET is long dead and I don't feel
like policing this list).   This list is currently subscribed to
the  cert-advisory list at cert.org.   If you're not already subscribed
to this list directly, you'll need to subscribe via the following

  cert-advisory-request at cert.org

  By the way, here's the current subscription list for nsfnet-cert at merit.edu.
Folks may want to subscribe their local exploder to the cert advisory list
rather than having individuals subscribe directly.

 BRENDAN at otago.ac.nz,
 ken at VNET.IBM.COM (Ken Paquette),
 korpela at ssl.berkeley.edu (Eric J. Korpela),
 n.brownlee at aukuni.ac.nz,
 mhageman at empros.com (Mary Hageman),
 dar at cadcentre.co.uk (D.Ashton-Reader),
 mckee at sunbelt.net (Tim McKee),
 cert at ncar.ucar.edu,
 ops at noc.sura.net,
 nsfnet-cert-ml at ux1.cso.uiuc.edu,
 nwnet-cert at nwnet.net,
 nsfnet-cert at spot.colorado.edu,
 nsfnet-cert at rice.edu,
 cert at cic.net,

Larry J. Blunk
Merit Network, Inc.       Ann Arbor, Michigan

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