looking for suggestions on a PD work ticketing system to give to ISPs

Erik Sherk sherk at uunet.uu.net
Tue Feb 6 20:26:11 UTC 1996

> > 
> > In my CIX work I have identified the need to provide a public domain or
> > otherwise freely redistributable work ticketing system. Since many of the
> > people using this will be ISPs, I thought I would ask this group for any
> > recommendations that people may have on this,
> > 
> > I hope this message isn't to far afield of what the list is for.
> > 
> > Please send all responses/flames just to me.
> > 
> 	Is there a real problem with the NearNet TT system that
> 	Dan Long wrote?

Dan's set of forms is really nice, but it needs Informix to run.
Informix is a comercial product that isn't freely redistributable.


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