Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

Scott Huddle huddle at mci.net
Thu Feb 1 19:44:41 UTC 1996

> >    It only gets really touchy if few of the backbones touch down in the area.
> >
> >Unfortunately, this is exactly the case in which geographic addressing doesn't
> >work so well any more, and we have no way to mandate that backbones touch down.
> Name a backbone which doesn't come into the San Francisco Bay Area.

Um, all of the rest of the world's providers.

> This is the area I want to try the idea out in.  In terms of physical
> touchdowns, they are all in place.  The only barrier is getting most
> of the backbones to willingly participate in the experiment.

And whats your business case that'll do this?

> A very significant chunk of new domains and new ISPs are here,
> in the 415/408/510 area code regions (and 707, which is next door
> and could be included if we wanted...).
So build it.


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