Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

Jon Zeeff jon at branch.com
Thu Feb 1 14:09:49 UTC 1996

> > to them.  Some automated process watching for things like this and
> > sending an advisory email might help quite a bit.
> Tony Bates used to do this and send it to the list.  Its not as if no
> one has thought of this.

To the list?  I don't see what good that would do - it should go to the
owner of the addresses and the parties announcing it.  This hasn't been

Another factoid to consider - I know of a company that has a Class C that
they don't use.  To my knowledge, nobody has ever even asked that
they give it up.  Some automated email process could do this without
much effort.

I (and others) have suggested forced aggregation except for routes
that are specifically registered as "don't aggregate".  I haven't
seen any movement towards that.

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