Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

George Herbert gherbert at crl.com
Thu Feb 1 00:08:20 UTC 1996

>> Option 5: Provider X can announce nothing outside the area, except
>> to people who are paying X for transit to all X-reachable sites
>> and networks.
>> This would work great if all the backbones touch down in the area.
>> Customers out in the Rest of the World get transit through their
>> backbone to all the area sites.  Other regional networks or areas
>> get transit to it via whomever they get global transit from.
>Which works fine as long as only one area on the planet ever implements
>Option 5.  Any pair of such areas without internal connectivity won't
>be able to talk.
>Seems like a scaling problem.

No, they can talk just fine.  In the worst case with asymetric paths,
but they can talk fine.

Backbones A and B, small providers a in region 1 and z in region 2.
a buys transit to the world from A and is in the region 1 block.
z buys transit to the world from B ans is in the region 2 block.

a->z goes a->A.  A knows about region 2 block, sends it to region 2.
Once it reaches there, it either goes A->B->z or A->z if there is a
direct interconnect somewhere.  z->a goes out the z->B pipe, and
thence to region 1 and either B->A->a or B->a if there is a direct
interconnection somewhere.


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