Policies affecting the Internet as a whole - Hitting where it hurts

Vadim Antonov avg at pluris.com
Sat Dec 28 04:38:33 UTC 1996

Jenni Baier <lioness at universe.digex.net> wrote:

> How about creating some organization for which the pre-requisite of
> membership would be adherence to a charter which outlined some standards
> and policies for dealing with other ISPs when giving complaints and
> standards for dealing with complaints received?  The membership list could
> be published and serve as a list of providers worth using, rather than
> publishing a "bad" list (which, it has already been shown, is
> problematic).

Several years ago i proposed that CIX membership should require adherence
to some rules in regard to "good conduct".

I don't know if the proposal was formally considered, though few
top CIX people have seen it.

In my opinion that this would make membership in CIX something which
could figure pominently in ads, and definitely worth membership fees.


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