Policies affecting the Internet as a whole - Hitting where it hurts

Brett L. Hawn blh at nol.net
Fri Dec 27 21:04:56 UTC 1996

No offense intended here but this smacks of a pathetic cop out. When
supplied with various logs, supplements, and statements it doesn't take much
effort or thought to start doing some checking of your own logs. The fact
that you won't even go so far as to do that tells me that UU.net is too
?busy? doing other things than to follow up on their own problem users.
No-one said you had to do anything more than at least send the user a notice
informing them that their activities were illegal and could result in
termination of their account and/or legal procedings. More often than not,
this won't stop the warezpup from trying to be even more secretive but
you've made your point, you've documented the fact, and you've helped
another ISP in lowering their resultant problems. Later on, if you find the
same user continuing along their less-than-legal path, you have
documentation to back you up when you cancel them.
On Fri, 27 Dec 1996, Alan Hannan wrote:
>   Did you contact a law enforcement agency?  Did we comply with
>   their wishes?
>   It seems that you are asking for vigilantism, not cooperation.
>   -alan
> ] 
> ] On Fri, 27 Dec 1996, David Schwartz wrote:
> ] 
> ] > 	I think a list of sites that refuse to deal with troublemakers
> ] > (with details) would be extremely useful. If people want to use it to
> ] > blackhole traffic, that would be their decision.
> ] 
> ] Ok. I nominate UUNet to be the first on the list. (No, this isn't a UUNet
> ] flame, read on.)
> ] 
> ] Recently one of their customers decided the incoming directory on our FTP
> ] server would be a good place to start a warez site. We mailed help at uu.net
> ] and noc at uu.net. Our mail included the src IP address and the times that
> ] the uploading of the warez occurred. They were fairly quick to respond
> ] with UUNet's policy on these matters. Basically they will only take action
> ] when told to do so by a law-enforcement agency.

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