Policies affecting the Internet as a whole - Hitting where it hurts

Neil J. McRae neil at easynet.net
Fri Dec 27 16:34:59 UTC 1996

On Fri, 27 Dec 1996 11:29:50 -0500 (EST) 
 David Schwartz <davids at wiznet.net> alleged:

> 	I think a list of sites that refuse to deal with troublemakers
> (with details) would be extremely useful. If people want to use it to
> blackhole traffic, that would be their decision.

Personally, I agree.

> 	Even more importantly, you could check it before choosing an ISP
> or provider to be sure that your provider is running a clean ship. That
> way you don't get inconvenienced by other provider's defensive acts
> against your provider.
> 	As an added bonus, you have some more assurance that your provider
> will come to your aid if you are mail bombed, ping flooded, or hacked in
> some other way. Providers that deal effectively with their own customers
> when they create trouble are much more likely to assist their own
> customers when they are attacked. 

Indeed, Just get it right so that the press and anyone else doesn't
get the wrong idea thats all I'm saying really!

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