David R. Conrad davidc at apnic.net
Mon Dec 23 04:14:49 UTC 1996


Apologies if inappropriate and if you've seen this before (but quite a few
NANOG people indicated they wanted to attend, so...) --

The Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies
(APRICOT, http://www.apricot.net) is a conference and series of tutorials
targetted primarily at people who run (or want to run) large networks,
particularly Internet Service Providers.  This year, there are 13 tutorials
ranging from DNS to Perl Programming and a 3 track conference consisting of
2 two day tracks on network operations and services & applications, and 2
one day tracks, one on legal and policy issues in cooperation with the Asia
Pacific Policy and Legal (APPLe) Forum and the other, the Business of the
Internet, in cooperation with the Asia Pacific Internet Association (APIA).

For more information on the conference program and the tutorials, see

To register for the conference, see the APRICOT registration page at
http://www.apricot.net/registration.html (note that the web page uses SSL
for secure transfers so you can safely send your credit card numbers over
the Internet).  If you do not have access to the web, please contact me and
I'll send or fax an email form.


APRICOT Tutorials:              Jan 27 - 28
APRICOT Conference:             Jan 29 - 30
APNIC Meeting:                  Jan 31


Conference Registration:        US $275
Tutorials:                      US $275/tutorial

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or the organizing
committee (apricot-oc at apricot.net).  Note that space is quite limited...


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