Keepalives, WAS: NAP/ISP Saturation

William Allen Simpson wsimpson at
Mon Dec 23 00:37:02 UTC 1996

> From: Vadim Antonov <avg at>
> William Allen Simpson <wsimpson at> wrote:
> >So, since we designed PPP LQM for the 56K, T1 and (new) T3s of 5-6
> >years ago (at least a generation in Internet lifetimes), why isn't
> >everyone already running it?
> Because Morning Star is not cisco?  (I'm well aware of PPP features,
> btw, having written one implementation myself :)
I do not understand this rationale.  Could you please elaborate?

Are you saying that the reason we are not using ubiquitous LQM is
because Cisco decided as a company policy not to interoperate with other

BTW, I have never worked for Morning Star in any paid capacity; or I'd
be a millionare today :-).  I just have an email address there, as I do
at several other sites, both commercial and non-commercial.

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