NAP/ISP Saturation WAS: Re: Exchanges that matter...

Vadim Antonov avg at
Sat Dec 21 05:32:50 UTC 1996

Tony Li wrote:

>So what's the $0.02 fix for eliminating the fate-sharing between routing
>and payload that GGP got wrong?

Did i say anything about eliminating fate-sharing?

What i said is that routing updates should not be _routable_.
That means that only parties directily connected to the physical
medium can be originators of updates received from that medium.

It is like ARP -- you can't do anything about it until you've
broken into a directly connected machine, or evaded physical
security.  I.e. to produce DOS attack with ARP you need to
mount a lot more destructive attack first.

Actually, given the simple fact that a properly implemented
link keepalive protocol provides adequate discovery of link and
gateway failures, it is not clear that sending routing updates
over the same physical medium as data has any intrinsic value.
Similarly, there's no reason why medium cannot be shared between
network control and user traffic, as long as network control is
given unconditional priority.

(And, no, practially all link keepalive protocol implementations
are insane; cisco's a notorious example.  No flap dampening, no
hold-down "blackholing" after a failure (so as not to generate
route withdrawals for transient link outages), silly priority
and no sub-second ping intervals, and forget about LQM).


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