NAP/ISP Saturation WAS: Re: Exchanges that matter...

Tony Li tli at
Sat Dec 21 03:20:06 UTC 1996

   Yes, the cisco needs more backplane, but the CPU cant keep up. Have you
   not watched a cisco meltdown when you lose a few NAP connections. Yes if
   you do not want to run a lot of BGP, have small OSPF tables, and don't want
   to do a lot of filtering then the 7500 is fine.

The CPU can't keep up because of the caching (which should have died by
now) and because the same CPU is used for switching.  I believe that there
is a knob that guarantees that non-switching functionality get a guaranteed
percentage of the CPU.  I strongly suggest you try it out.

Get the switching out of the way, and the box would be much happier.  Get
the cache out of the way (a software only fix) and the box becomes much
more useful.


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