NAP/ISP Saturation WAS: Re: Exchanges that matter...

David Schwartz davids at
Fri Dec 20 17:26:34 UTC 1996

On Fri, 20 Dec 1996, Chris A. Icide wrote:

> 3.  There has been a rumor that some level of load sharing between two
> 	RSP's will be available some time 2Q or 3Q '97
> Again, these are but rumors I've heard.  We've been spending a lot of
> our time lately playing with the Bay (Wellfleet) stuff, and they have some
> pretty neat stuff coming out (thanks to ANS, any comments, Curt?)

	That's not a rumor. You can confirm it by searching CCO for HSA. 
They plan to ramp up load sharing by having a second RSP receive route 
updates just like the VIP cards do/will.

	David Schwartz

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