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Alec H. Peterson chuckie at
Fri Dec 20 17:02:52 UTC 1996

> Ok, yes they added some memory and it is faster, but they needed to put a
> MUCH bigger CPU in that box. It was a jump, but not as big as the one we
> all needed. The 7500 was not any new technology, just adding more of the
> current. And no we are not tunneling through another backbone, we run our
> backbone over Cascade 9000 with clear channel DS3s.

You must be joking.  The RSP1 has a 150Mhz RISC processor in it,
compared to the 25Mhz 68040 that is in the RP1.  What are you doing
with your router that requires so much CPU?  The only person who I
know who is maxing out a RSP[12] is doing lots of tunnels
cisco will definitely have to continue to improve their routers,
because the 'net is not getting any smaller, but the 7500 series
routers are a substantial improvement over the 7000 series.  


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