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Nathan Stratton nathan at
Fri Dec 20 15:06:27 UTC 1996

On Fri, 20 Dec 1996, Jim Van Baalen wrote:

> I have a question that fits this topic. Why does everybody seem to be so
> sold on Gigaswitch based Xchange points? I know that the busiest, highest
> membership NAPs are of this design, but with all the associated problems

I think the biggest reason the busiest and highest membership NAPs are
using Gigaswitches because they work. When we were looking for a switch for
the Atlanta-NAP we almost with with a Stratacom switch, but the Gigaswitch
looked like a better start. We plan on adding a Stratacom

> It is my opinion that the most promising architecture today is PBNap. The
> StrataCom switches far exceed Gigaswitch in addressing issues such as flow 
> control, buffering, and aggregate throughput (which may not be comparable
> when, as with Gigaswitch, port congestion is such a bottleneck). In addition, 
> with new line cards due out early next year, the BPXs will support ABR and,
> relatively speaking, huge buffers at high density OC3 and 2 port OC12.

Well when they get that out, and fix a few other problems it may be ready.

> I know that ATM is a nasty word (or should I say acronym) to many on this list,
> but even some of the greatest ATM critics admit that it is a reasonable LAN
> technology. As far as the popular packet shredder (sp?) argument goes, I don't 
> think that it relevant on any switch that supports EPD.
> Just curious to see other perspectives.
> Jim

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