Nanog list uncharacteristically quiet?

Mike Leber mleber at
Sat Dec 14 22:03:36 UTC 1996

On Sat, 14 Dec 1996, Vadim Antonov wrote:
> >Here's something to chew on.  As an end-node site who has recently become
> >triply-homed I've been wondering whether it would be useful if routers had
> >a way of making a route selection based on output queue levels.
> Not.  That will cause reordering of packets, and so trigger false
> TCP retransmits.

It could be stream based (address and port), and use a LRU cache with a
planned capacity of 5 minutes, to decide on which interface to use.  Sure,
it is more complicated, but anything you add increases complexity.

Has anybody collected stream duration data?  What does the distribution
look like?  98% of streams last how long?  (I bet less than 5 minutes)
I think something like this was brought up at the Ann Arbor NANOG.


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