1829 domain...????

Ben Liberman ben at bl.com
Tue Dec 10 18:26:18 UTC 1996

>	The number 1829 is an Autonomous System NUMBER (ASN) in use by the
>	Los Alamos National Laboratory associated with an Autonomous
>        System NAME (ASN) called NOTES.
>        So, you can't have it.
>        There is no such thing as Domain NAME 1829.COM.  So, you better
>	register it quick before someone else gets it. %^)

>Hostmaster at rs.internic.net,
>  What's going on here?

Nothing.  Looks like he fed "1829" to a "whois" search instead
of "1829.COM"

PS - when I do a whois on some 1, 2, and 3 digit ASN's that are less
than 254, whois gives me an "A" domain in response.   There IS
an ASN 10, isn't there?

 ben at BL.COM      Ben Liberman

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