1829 domain...????

Philip Wood cpw at lanl.gov
Tue Dec 10 17:27:24 UTC 1996

Mark Charnock,

charnock at oncampus.com wrote:
> Hello--
> I got your name from the Nic as the admin for the above domain "1829.com".
> If you're not using it, can I have it for my company, which is called 1829.
> It's a small design shop for students and young adults.


	The number 1829 is an Autonomous System NUMBER (ASN) in use by the
	Los Alamos National Laboratory associated with an Autonomous
        System NAME (ASN) called NOTES.

        So, you can't have it.


        There is no such thing as Domain NAME 1829.COM.  So, you better 
	register it quick before someone else gets it. %^)

> thanks,
> mark charnock
> charnock at earthlink.net

Hostmaster at rs.internic.net,

  What's going on here?


You better hold on tight to your ASN's!



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