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Avi Freedman freedman at
Mon Dec 9 21:09:54 UTC 1996

> *cough* *cough*  Hate to jump into the middle of this wonderful
> debate, but has anyone here been able to push more than 60-70mbs
> through the fddi interfaces in the NetEdges anyhow?  We've upgraded
> to an oc3c line to MAE-West, and discoverd that lo and behold,  you
> don't get that much more out of the link than you did with a DS3
> because the fddi cards top off not much farther up.  Full duplex
> is a nice thought, and would win us another 5-10mbs, but since
> we are far and away a content provider (traffic ratio outbound to
> inbound is close to 10:1 at MAE-West), what we're concerned about
> is being able to deliver the content people are asking for.  Opening
> up the back channel from shared to full FDDI is a, well, "nice"
> feature, but isn't nearly as attractive as getting better FDDI
> cards for the NetEdges.

Well, order two FDDI ports at MAE-West, each into a router which has
two T3s back to your data center.  Each two T3s should be able to do
90mbits/sec of hdlc or ppp framing back to you, and route back and
forth from the FDDI.

Or order an OC3 'WAN' link, but plug it into an AIP card in a 75xx
and pull 3 T3s back to your main site.

Can a Cisco AIP speak ATM to the wan port of a Gigaswitch?

> Matt Petach
> Network Engineer, InterNex (working from home)


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