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Mon Dec 9 13:41:05 UTC 1996

>      From: "Joe Rhett" <joe at Navigist.Com>
>      ATM -> Flat/Star/Web/whatever. You can create both bandwidth and
>      redundancy without routing.
>   I am consistently amazed at the number of people who think that
>   defining an additional diversely-routed PVC through a single physical
>   ATM connection creates "redundancy".  Clearly these folks have never
>   had a card go south on them.
The best (and _the only_) way to add real redundancy to ATM-LANE network
is to use other (100baseTX usially) protocol for it, as (for example)
CISCO do in their projects they like to present.

-:)  They defend network against ATM's bugs.

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