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Jonathan Heiliger loco at
Sun Dec 8 21:23:28 UTC 1996

On Sun, 8 Dec 1996, Nathan Stratton wrote:

|} > Every NAP with a GIGAswitch/FDDI offers full duplex FDDI; the MAEs,
|} > Sprint, PAIX, and you. Buy a full-duplex-capable card, install it, and
|} > you get full duplex. You, the NAP operator, do nothing; the devices
|} > negotiate in and out of full duplex mode themselves.
|} Ah, if I have a FDDI connection into MAE-East I cant do full duplex
|} unless they enable it, it now is disabled. 

Perhaps you should talk to them again.  Steve Feldman (MFS) has said
multiple times that FFDT is enabled on the MFS Gigaswitches.  At the last
NANOG, he suggested people try out the 'new' feature implemented by Cisco
and send him feedback.  As Stephen Stuart (PAIX) pointed out you have to
disable the feature as it's enabled by default.

Perhaps a better theory on the reason certain providers are de-emphasizing
their MAE/NAP connections is that they're concerned about people
"stealing" bandwidth on their links via 3rd party routing.


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