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Rob Liebschutz rob at
Sun Dec 8 18:18:59 UTC 1996

> On Sun, 8 Dec 1996, Joe Rhett wrote:
> >  
> > > It is actually quite hard in practice to push a FDDI switch
> > > into trouble, although theoretically it should be simple, modulo
> > > the interesting effects that token-withholding can produce.
> >  
> > Hm. Not sure what you mean. FDDI can certainly be over-utilized, that's
> > not hard. On the other hard, FDDI doesn't fall down and die like
> > Ethernet does when congested.
> > 
> > > In practice, the limiting factor will tend to be the per-port
> > > bandwidth rather than the aggregate bandwidth.  One would have
> At the Atlanta-NAP we offer full duplex FDDI, why not try to get MFS to do
> it? Cisco now has a full duplex FDDI card, so you can do 200 Mbs into the
> NAP.

Talk to Steve Feldman from MFS.  At the October Nanog meeting he
mentioned that their Gigaswitches (not sure if this is was just for
MAE West) were ready to support Full Duplex FDDI and he invited
volunteers to try it.

Unfortunately, the GRF does not yet have a full duplex FDDI interface
available, but when I asked about it, Ascend told me that they had
implemented a CDDI interface in 3 weeks time to gain the business of
of one customer.


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