Building exchanges that matter ..

Joe Rhett joe at Navigist.Com
Sat Dec 7 21:07:55 UTC 1996

> >I am surprised, (well, maybe not), that you aren't concerned about
> >the excessive overhead present in FDDI networks...
> FDDI is not a WAN technology.  Losing 20% of bandwidth of a 10 ft
> piece of fiber is one thing.  Losing 20% of bandwidth of a
> $3M/yr circuit is quite different.
> ATM as a LAN is probably ok, if it can compete with Gb Ethernet
> price/performance-wise.
In the smaller networks, GigabitE may well turn out cheaper than ATM,
but Ethernet will never have the design flexibility ATM does.

...and any technology which experiences performance problems at 40%
utilization will is questionable at best...

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