Tony Li tli at
Fri Dec 6 06:49:56 UTC 1996

   I think that putting together RFCs that propose that ISDs pursue
   certain legal and financial arrangements is well outside the scope of
   the operations area and the IETF for that matter.  I don't see this as
   an allocation issue or a technical issue wrt policy routing.  As is
   applies to operating a small provider and a potential means to
   cooperate with other small providers by forming some sort of
   consortium it maybe could be considered an operations area item.  I
   think what you have here is out of scope.


I think you miss the point.  The goal is to solve technical problems
(aggregation, renumbering).  The side effects are legal and financial and
we get blasted if we _don't_ discuss them.  Years of CIDR bashing has made
us, uh, somewhat sensitive to this.  So this time, we're trying to discuss
those issues up front.


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