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Wed Dec 4 04:05:17 UTC 1996

In article <199612020252.AA02201 at> you write:
>> There is no "absolute" point at which to take these measurements. Any
>> point will be coloured (colored) by its relative Internet location with respect to
>> amounts of local detail and aggregated distant detail.
>> Thanks,
>>      Geoff
>	True enough.. (coloured is the correct spelling :)
>	Dave Meyers is starting to put up something like this
>	off his exchange in oregon.
>	Perhaps it would be useful to get a number of players 
>	together and ensure that we are taking routing snaps at
>	the same time and then persuade JQ to revamp his "Internet
>	Weather Maps" to reflect these high/low pressure patterns
>	across the landscape.

Something like that is on the TODO list for the MIDS IWR, pending funding.


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