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Mark A. Cnota mcnota at
Wed Dec 4 03:00:09 UTC 1996

At 5:49 PM -0800 12/3/96, Bill Manning wrote:
>	I'd love to, but AADS has dropped the ball on this one.
>[bmanning at vacation bmanning]$ ping
>PING ( 56 data bytes
>--- ping statistics ---
>10 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss
>	It's been this way for a couple of weeks.  I've sent mail
>to the AADS web farmers and they have not responded.  Time to prod
>Mark C. or Andy... :(

The NAP web server is physically nowhere near or anything
else Ameritech related, and yes the connection was down Friday evening
through this morning. It's back up now, and on a more stable connection.
(btw, ping has never worked due to their access lists)


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