The Cidr Report

Jessica Yu jyy at
Mon Dec 2 17:08:32 UTC 1996

One possible explaination of the bouncing is that the number is snapshots 
of the total routes of a router.  If this router happened to loose bgp
session with a large ISP at the time the snapshot is taken, the total
number of routes of the box could be hundreds or thousands routes less
(depends on which ISP it lost peer session with).  About 10 or so ISPs 
peering at mae-e announcing more than a thousand routes.

If the reporting data is based on one snapshot a day then the chances of
encounting the described above is more than if the data is based on
several snapshots a day. 


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  from looking at tony's pages, i would say there's really no trend 
at all.  the graph he posted of table size since he started the 
report again has bounced up and down by several thousand routes.  
maybe i'm being negative but it's fluctuationg quite a bit.  good to 
see it down in any case.
> Hey, this looks pretty good. Let's hope the trend continues (if, in fact,
> there *is* a trend).
> - paul
> At 12:00 PM 11/29/96 -0800, Tony Bates wrote:
> >
> >Date Prefixes
> >231196       40687
> >241196       40908
> >251196       40844
> >261196       41043
> >271196       41074
> >281196       39803
> >291196       39735
> >

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