While I'm at it.. (Cisco crashing)

Thomas Hutton hutton at opus.sdsc.edu
Wed Dec 11 16:49:48 UTC 1996

If you have any DVMRP tunnels on these systems watch out for BUG 77855.  It
is in 11.1(6), 11.1(7), 11.2(1) and 11.2(2).  Our router was crashing after 
about 20 hours.

         ID: 77855
Feature-set: queuing
      Title: I/O Memory Leak caused by bw > 2048 on tunnel interface
   Reported: 11.2(1) 11.1(6)
   Severity: 2
      State: R 
  I/O memory on a system can start leaking and deplete if a tunnel interface
  is configured together with a bandwidth greater than 2048. Symptoms are
  the display of sys-2-malloc failure error messages.

--Tom Hutton
  San Diego Supercomputer Center

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