Agenda for next NANOG - interest in domain names?

Paul A Vixie paul at
Sat Aug 31 20:01:21 UTC 1996

> Ideally the NSI and domain-name-owner-side presentations would be
> back-to-back.  End of the day is fine with me.

Network operators care about a lot of things but domain name politics
and economics aren't among them.  Prefix politics matter because NANOG
consists almost entirely of people who are allocating prefixes (either
at the top or in the middle somewhere) or who need to consume a lot of
them in order to stay in business.  Domain names are allocated more or
less once, are not subdivided, and are registered and consumed by end-
users in an operator-independent ("portable") fashion.  There are no
consequences, good or evil, that befall operators as a result of NSI's
domain name dispute policy.  (Or rather, operators no more so than any-
one else -- we might as well talk about ozone layer depletion.)  Folks
do not need to come to NANOG to learn more about domain name politics
or to exchange ideas about how to make things better.

This is just not a worthwhile topic for NANOG unless the agenda fails
to be packed as tightly as it has been for the last year or two.

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