Agenda for next NANOG

Paul Ferguson pferguso at
Sat Aug 31 17:29:08 UTC 1996

At 01:11 PM 8/30/96 PDT, Randy Bush wrote:

>>> Analysis of Actual End to End Performance accross the NAPs/MAEs
>> An excellent topic, to be sure, but how do you propose that this be
>> measured?
>And there's a subject for a NANOG panel in itself.
>I can think of some interesting experiments that would involve cooperation
>of multiple peers.  But there are folk far better based in measurment than I
>who might suggest some fun stuff.  Guy, Steve, ..., this is your cue.

... And it might even be nice for someone who is active in the
IETF Benchmarking Methodology WG (bmwg) to participate.


- paul

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